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    E3 (Weeks Late) Specialsode

    We're back after a 3 week unintended haitus. During that time E3 happened! We'll talk about the games we played and what we liked about E3 2018.

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    Mr. IKEA

    This week we talk about climbing out of Bronze in Overwatch, our new Alt Accounts, Pokémon, IKEA, books, and more.

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    Ninja Turtle Splatfest

    Danh played Splatfest this weekend on Splatoon 2 and there were Ninja Turtles. Interesting? Heck yes. We talk about it. We also recap our Season 10 Overwatch placements.

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    Pinball Arcade Birthday Party

    Busy week! Danh and Dave had a couple of birthdays this past week. Celebrated at a pinball arcade.

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    Nintendo Labo with a 4½ Year Old

    This week Dave and Danh played Nintendo Labo with Dave's 4.5 year old son Otis. We share a lot of thoughts and impressions about this new future of cardboard gaming accessories, maker culture, and gaming for fun.

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    In this episode we talk about the economics of Twitch. What are bits? Why bits? We also talk about how Overwatch has plummeted from the most viewers list. How does popularity effect a game's ecosystem? Has Overwatch League cannibalized streamers? Is Fortnite's success due to the fact that it's free?

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    Still Bad at Fortnite

    Danh and Dave both played the same game this week. Fortnite for PC. Danh played in a squad, Dave played solo queue. Had different but similar experiences.

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    Should I get rid of my Xbox?

    This week Dave is moving and we try to answer the question: Does the Xbox One stay in the living room? Also, Dave played a puzzle game and Danh played Pokémon.

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