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    Flying to San Francisco for a Haircut

    Back from a 1 week hiatus. Danh had to fly to San Francisco for a haircut. We talk about the desire to make Breath of the Wild last as long as possible.

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    This week Danh and Dave both played through an iOS game called Florence, a story game about a young twenty-something named Florence Yeoh.

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    VR but for Going to School?

    In this episode we talk about VR viability, motion sickness, and our weekly game standup.

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    Rhythm and Masocore

    We're back talking about six-stacks, rhythm games, and masocore.

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    Balance in Game Design

    Weekly standup and we also discuss the Balance in Game Design panel at PAX South

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    We went to PAX South!

    Danh and Dave went to PAX South and talk about the games they played this week (Breath of the Wild + Nuclear Throne)

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    Lists of Shame (Episode 0)

    Danh and Dave do their first weekly standup and share their "ists of shame" sitting in their Steam account.