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    Apex Legends, Natch

    A new battle royale has entered the arena! Danh, Zach, and Dave are smitten over Respawn's newest game, Apex Legends. We discuss this and try to predict how long we're going to be playing it.

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    PAX South 2019

    Danh, Zach, and Dave headed to PAX South to do Games Journalism™ and get a look at what's new in video games in 2019.

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    Bootleg Controllers

    First episode of the year and we're talking about where to get hot new bootleg controllers and gripes about the Switch's online system. Also some big news in this week's Overwatch Minute.

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    GOTY 2018

    Danh, Dave, and Zach sit down and share their 2018 Game of The Year picks.

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    Minit the Game, the Overwatch Minute, and some more games and frustrations.

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    It is a crime to check GameFAQs

    We're back! Danh played a new puzzle fighting game. Dave is stuck on a game, played a new indie game, and has strong opinions about using Game FAQs. We also give another Overwatch update on Operation: Alt Accounts.

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    The Super Demo Bros. Super Show!

    Together Danh and Dave played almost every genre of video games this week: JRPGs, Dating Sims, Roguelikes, Sports, Puzzle, and an FPS.

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    E3 (Weeks Late) Specialsode

    We're back after a 3 week unintended haitus. During that time E3 happened! We'll talk about the games we played and what we liked about E3 2018.

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    Mr. IKEA

    This week we talk about climbing out of Bronze in Overwatch, our new Alt Accounts, Pokémon, IKEA, books, and more.

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