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    In this episode we talk about the economics of Twitch. What are bits? Why bits? We also talk about how Overwatch has plummeted from the most viewers list. How does popularity effect a game's ecosystem? Has Overwatch League cannibalized streamers? Is Fortnite's success due to the fact that it's free?

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    Still Bad at Fortnite

    Danh and Dave both played the same game this week. Fortnite for PC. Danh played in a squad, Dave played solo queue. Had different but similar experiences.

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    Should I get rid of my Xbox?

    This week Dave is moving and we try to answer the question: Does the Xbox One stay in the living room? Also, Dave played a puzzle game and Danh played Pokémon.

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    Watching eSports Takes Up Too Much Video Game Time

    We're back and this week Dave failed to play games other than Overwatch and watching Overwatch League... which... why does watching other people play video games take so much time out of us playing video games?!

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    Flying to San Francisco for a Haircut

    Back from a 1 week hiatus. Danh had to fly to San Francisco for a haircut. We talk about the desire to make Breath of the Wild last as long as possible.

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    This week Danh and Dave both played through an iOS game called Florence, a story game about a young twenty-something named Florence Yeoh.

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    VR but for Going to School?

    In this episode we talk about VR viability, motion sickness, and our weekly game standup.

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    Rhythm and Masocore

    We're back talking about six-stacks, rhythm games, and masocore.

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    Balance in Game Design

    Weekly standup and we also discuss the Balance in Game Design panel at PAX South

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    We went to PAX South!

    Danh and Dave went to PAX South and talk about the games they played this week (Breath of the Wild + Nuclear Throne)

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    Lists of Shame (Episode 0)

    Danh and Dave do their first weekly standup and share their "ists of shame" sitting in their Steam account.

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